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Roger Clemens? Yawn.


Roger Clemens came out today in support of his long-shot
dream to clear his name and have people remember him not as a steroids user,
but as the pitcher who dominated the American League for the last 15 years of
the 20th century.

Quite honestly, and I’m sure many people feel this way, but
I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of hearing about Clemens’ vehement denials of
any wrongdoing.

I’m tired of hearing him talk about these conversations with
Andy Pettite and how he “misremembered” these conversations.

I’m tired of seeing his smiling mug in an Astros or Yankees
hat, and then hearing the words “Roger Clemens calls Roger McNamee a lying jerk
with a personal vendetta and inadequacy issues”.

I’m tired of hearing the ESPN types rail about how angry
they are that Clemens continues to “deface the game” by issuing his denials,
when all evidence points to the contrary in the situation.

I’m tired of all the holier-than-thou fans who are feeling
completely lied to, and crying about it on talk radio stations and on blog
sites all over the Internet.

I’m tired of all of it.

In my opinion, baseball has suffered irreparable harm from
the steroid era, and by continuing to dredge up these situations, like Clemens,
Bonds, and the like, we are merely taking more shovel-fulls of dirt from the
grave of baseball and tossing them aside.

It is my fear that when our children look at this game, this
game that we love, that they will not see the beauty of the game, but instead
the dark cloud that currently hovers over it. I’m worried that we will no
longer be able to look at baseball with the innocence that we did when we were

I’m sure a lot of you are probably going to accuse me
of being too naïve, but to be completely frank, I’m not naïve. I’m just
extremely tired of the whole situation.